Monthly Archives: April 2014

As a divorce victim and devout follower of the Divorce Corp reform initiative, I’ve been brainstorming a simple, yet effective custody agreement that has built-in flexibility to encompass the needs of a divergent array of divorce scenarios.

While there is overwhelming consensus that reform is needed, it is important to point out that change can also still come from within.  The power of judges swings both ways.  And judges who opt to be catalysts of reform can simply ratify new, sound agreements that truly are in the childrens’ best interest.

I am not naïve.  Checks and balances are extremely overdue and those efforts must continue forward with vigilance.

Meanwhile, I am hopeful that I can encourage fruitful debate on the Annual Elective 50/50 so that it can be refined as a practical tool for download and use.  I also have visions of a Judges’ Toolbox where a number of agreements would reside.  Then, at the same time, we are all better served by simplicity: one agreement that covers most scenarios.

Your feedback is appreciated and critical to a better future for both parents and children alike.

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