Custody Agreement

We the undersigned agree that 50/50 access to the children is in their best interest.  While that is not always possible, it is a goal of this agreement.

Each year in the month of June, we may each elect to reduce our own custody percentage for the upcoming year from 50% to a lower percentage if the other parent:

  1. Agrees to take the increased custody for the upcoming year and
  2. Has the financial means to cover expenses of the custody (the other parent may elect to financially support the parent but it is not a requirement)

Or, if another mutually agreed upon arrangement can be made (grandparents, other guardian, etc).

We agree to mediate outside court to achieve a custody agreement for each coming year by July 3rd which will be signed by both parties.

If a new custody agreement is not reached, custody automatically reverts to a 50/50 week on/week off arrangement on July 4th with Saturday 2pm exchanges at the police station nearest to the halfway point between where we both live.

With the exception of credible child abuse scenarios, both parties agree that family courts will not be used to reopen any custody terms or issues.

(Version 1.0. Updated: April 9, 2014)

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